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As I was swishing through stories of weekend plans, senior pictures and the “like” on my FB feed this morning I ran across this photo {the happiness in this photo is just overwhelming, am I right?} attached to this story, A Forgotten Tradition – May Day Basket on NPR.

First Lady Elenor Roosevelt accepting a May Day Basket 1938- courtesy of The Library of Congress
First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt accepting a May Day Basket 1938
– courtesy of The Library of Congress

I stopped because I have several of these baskets in my store, but I was told they were used at funerals not as this lighthearted expression of love.  Apparently, a “suitor” would collect flowers and treats, put them in a basket, hang it on their “sweetheart’s” door after dark on May 1st and “scamper” away.  {I have a hard time visualizing my hubby scampering, but that’s neither here nor there.}  Anyway, the “sweetheart” would then run after the suitor for a kiss.  Awwww.  I’m getting a cavity from all the sweetness.

After a quick search I found these baskets were used for May Day, Weddings and Funerals.  {There’s a joke dying to be made out of that last sentence, but I’m going to let it just slip on by.}  The bottom line, as my dad always says, is these people knew how to upcycle and recycle like nobody’s business and, let’s face it, these baskets are fabulous.  Often the baskets were just pretty cones made out of paper like these

I sold a metal one I had “referb-ed” as an Easter display that was pretty darn cute if I do say so myself, but I figured selling funeral baskets might go over like…well…selling baskets used at funerals so I just kept most of them in the back room.

May Day Baskets  at The Peppered Peony

May Day Baskets
The Peppered Peony

Now I’ll be  pulling these out, painting them with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint and adding neat stuff to them asap.  I think they would be a lovely, memorable and meaningful Mother’s Day gift or wedding/baby shower table centerpiece filled with ivy, ranunculus and geraniums or daisies, zinnias and baby’s breath or with little t-shirts, washcloths and socks rolled up to look like flowers like this

I also found this cool DIY on Pollyanna Reinvents that you could use anytime.

I love it’s simple elegance.

Well, this was fun.  Writing a blog post every once in a while might not be too much to ask, I guess.  Let’s do it again soon-

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