How to get dishes that really sparkle…

This is going to be a short and sweet post.

I have been asked a ton how I get my glassware so sparkly.

The Peppered Peony

The Peppered Peony


The Peppered Peony – How to Get Sparkly Dishes

Here’s the secret…


The Magic Combo

The Magic Combo

Yep.  That’s it.  Great Value Dishwasher Powder and Vinegar.

I used to use the little dishwasher packs.  I tried them all, and nothing very spectacular happened.  Then one day  I  ran out of those little suckers.  The people who loaded and ran the dishwasher every night hadn’t bothered to tell me we were running low on them, and I was in a bit of a hurry, you know, like usual, so I couldn’t run to the store.

The lightbulb moment – I remembered we had this powder under the sink from when I decided to use it in a window washing recipe I found on Pinterest.  Didn’t I have tons left over because it didn’t take much and after using it once I remembered I hate washing windows?  Didn’t I just read a review of dishwasher detergents and this one came out #1?  Aren’t I trying to use up the stuff we already own to save money and clear out some clutter?

Even if I hated this stuff trying it could kill 4 birds with one stone…Saving time, saving  money, de-cluttering and most importantly getting the dishes washed without me having to stop what I was in the middle of to run to the store.

I have used vinegar in my rinse aid compartment for a long time.  We have fairly hard water, and even though we have a water softener I knew using vinegar would help with any left over mineral deposits.  Besides, it’s cheap, and I always have a ton of it.

After the first load of dishes I was shocked.  Then I ran through a load of those grimy mason jars I pick up at auctions.  Same result.  I’m completely sold on this now so I’ll be going old school with the powder and vinegar from now on.  By the way, did you notice the top of the box was pulled up?  That’s because my son didn’t know to pull out the spout on the side the first time he used it.  Talk about generation gap.

The Peppered Peony

The Peppered Peony

My other secret is putting Christmas lights under them, but that wouldn’t work so well if they weren’t this sparkly to begin with.

*Now keep in mind if I get a glass or jar with really heavy build up on it I usually soak it in CLR or LimeAway for a few minutes first, but for everyday cleaning you can’t beat this combo.

Have a great day-

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  1. Gary Kerr March 13, 2014 at 9:56 am #

    Thanks for sharing the information with us to making glassware looks sparkly. Really sometimes it really becomes very tough to remove the stain form glass-utensils like glass or plate. The methods given here sounds useful. I’ll try it.

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